The Project to Restore the
Przerosl Jewish Cemetery


Friends of Jewish Heritage in Poland – Primary mission: To protect and commemorate the surviving sites and monuments of Jewish cultural heritage in Poland. Projects include cemetery and synagogue maintenance and restoration.

The Matzevah Foundation – A Christian group that seeks to broaden and deepen the dialogue with the Jewish community by caring for and restoring Jewish cemeteries in Poland.

The Foundation for the Preservation of Jewish Heritage in Poland – The Foundation was established to reclaim and manage formerly Jewish properties, to protect Jewish cemeteries, and to commemorate other historical sites of Jewish heritage. (In English and Polish.)

Adopt a Jewish Cemetery in Poland – Projects can be as small as designing and mounting a memorial plaque to remind visitors and locals that a particular site is a Jewish cemetery (even if no headstones exist there today) or as large as erecting a fence, gate, or elaborate memorial.

Jan Wiktor Sienkiewicz – A university professor, art historian, and prolific author, Dr. Sienkiewicz continues to be a great friend of the Project due to his abiding interest in the former Jewish community of Przerosl, the town where he was born and raised. (Note that the link points to an automatic translation of a page originally in Polish).

JewishGen – The premier website for Jewish genealogy.

Jewish Records Indexing, Poland – The largest fully searchable database of Jewish vital records accessible online.

U.S. Commission for the Preservation of America's Heritage Abroad – The Commission identifies and reports on cemeteries, monuments, and historic buildings in Eastern and Central Europe that are associated with the heritage of U.S. citizens.

Jewish Heritage Europe – A project of the Rothschild Foundation (Hanadiv) Europe, JHE aims to facilitate communication and information exchange regarding projects, initiatives, and other developments concerning Jewish heritage and Jewish heritage sites.

Suwalk-Lomza Interest Group – Memberships, available for as little as $25/year, include a subscription to Landsmen magazine, an indispensable tool for anyone researching Jewish roots in northeastern Poland. New members receive a free "Family Finder" ad in the next issue of Landsmen.

International Jewish Cemetery Project – Mission: To catalogue every Jewish burial site throughout the world.

IAJGS – The International Association of Jewish Genealogical Societies, an umbrella organization coordinating the activities of national and local Jewish genealogical societies around the world.

Ozarow Cemetery Restoration Project – The story of the restoration of the Jewish cemetery in Ozarow, Poland, from the inception of the project through its completion in October of 2001 (in English, Polish, and French).

Visit to Poland – A pictorial account of a "roots" trip to Poland in 1999.

Przerosl Archives – Where to find Jewish vital records for Przerosl.

Family Search – An online genealogy database maintained by the LDS Church, the most active genealogical research organization in the world.

Ellis Island Foundation – An online database of arrivals at one of the most popular destinations for immigrants to the United States.

Community of Przerosl – This seems to be the official website of the Przerosl Gmina, which appears to be something like a county or a parish. The Przerosl Gmina includes 24 villages, including the Village of Przerosl (in Polish only).

Jewish Cemetery in Przerosl – Historical information about the Jewish presence in Przerosl (in Polish only).

Przerosl – Information about Przerosl (in Polish only).

Note: The correct spelling of "Przerosl" in Polish is as it appears in this graphic: Note the accent mark over the "s" – which means that the letter is not an "s" at all, but an entirely different letter of the Polish alphabet (which is pronounced somewhat like the "sh" sound in English). As a result, if you conduct a web search for "Przerosl" you may not find pages that use the correct Polish spelling.

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